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The Mozart Experience

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The Cleveland Orchestra
Vinay Parameswaran, conductor
with special guests Magic Circle Mime Co. 
and with
Jung-Min Amy Lee, violin
Shawn Roth, baritone


A mischievous street musician is caught playing the orchestra’s piano.  Much to her surprise, the conductor doesn’t scold her but instead offers her the chance to “be Mozart.” Visual theater and music are united in a program that includes excerpts from some of Mozart’s most famous works, including Eine kleine NachtmusikDon Giovanni, the "Jupiter" Symphony (No. 41), and more.

The Cleveland Orchestra's Family Concert Series
is supported by
the Weiss Family Foundation.

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Free Pre-Concert Activities

INSTRUMENT DISCOVERY with Royalton Music Center (Smith Lobby, ground floor)

Kids can discover their “inner musician” by trying out orchestral instruments with the assistance of Royalton Music Center staff.  (

SING AND SWING (Smith Lobby, ground floor)

Even the littlest musicians can join the fun with Sing and Swing's Play Along Jam. Children 0-5 can play an assortment of child friendly percussion instruments with their parents and the instructors from Sing and Swing (

SUZUKI STRING ORCHESTRA(Bogomolny-Kozerefski Grand Foyer)
with Sato Center for Suzuki Studies
from the Cleveland Institute of Music

At the heart of Suzuki Studies at CIM is the strong conviction that “every child has unlimited potential.”   This method, developed by Shinichi Suzuki in the 1940s, was inspired by how children learn language — through communication skills shared between parent and child.  Dr. Suzuki’s goal, in focusing this same process on learning music, was to help grow every child’s character through studying music.

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