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Each year, The Cleveland Orchestra creates a variety of publications and printed pieces to inform attending audience members about concerts and about the organization, as well as to promote future events and document the Orchestra's activities. 

We are working to provide more of these publications online via this website, and plans call for additional categories (and past publications) to be placed here for review, research, and interest.  Recent books are shown in a convenient flipbook format for reading online, while older publications may be available only as a downloadable PDF.


Year-End Reports

Across the past several decades, a yearly report detailing The Cleveland Orchestra’s artistic and financial activities has been published each year by the Musical Arts Association, the non-profit organization that oversees and promotes The Cleveland Orchestra.

Click on the link below to view and read our most recent Year-End Reports: 

     2018 Donor Report (March 2019)

Or read reports from earlier years.

     2018: Centennial Overview  (December 2018)

     2017 Year-End Report  (December 2017)

     2015-16 Annual Report  (December 2016)  

     2014-15 Annual Report  (December 2015) 

     2013-14 Annual Report  (December 2014) 

     2012-13 Annual Report  (December 2013) 

     2011-12 Annual Report  (November 2012)

To read earlier reports, check back for our expanded Annual Report Archive, to be available here in the future.


Program Books

Printed program books are handed out free of charge at most Cleveland Orchestra concerts.  Books include information about the performance and performers, as well as program notes about the music, donor and sponsor recognition, and other information about the Orchestra’s current and upcoming activities.

To learn about advertising in our books, call Live Publishing at 216-721-1800 or click here.

To view and read recent books, visit our online Program Book Archive.

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