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Volunteers Make a Difference

The Cleveland Orchestra has been supported by large numbers of dedicated volunteers since its founding in 1918.  Opportunities for volunteering include membership in a variety of organizations and performing groups, and involvement with education, fundraising, and other projects.

The Orchestra’s Volunteer Council was established in 1998 to reinforce the impact that volunteers have on the mission of the Orchestra.  The Cleveland Orchestra salutes all the hard-working and dedicated volunteers who provide extraordinary service and support. 

Volunteer Committees

Two standing volunteer committees provide important support each year:

Friends of The Cleveland Orchestra, founded as the Women's Committee of The Cleveland Orchestra in 1921, works to support the Orchestra’s educational activities.  Now open to men as well as women, Friends of The Cleveland Orchestra continues its support of the Orchestra through music education, service, and fundraising.

Blossom Friends of The Cleveland Orchestra, founded as the Blossom Women's Committee in 1968, is a state-wide organization that assists in promoting and sustaining each summer’s Blossom Music Festival.

For additional information about these committees, click here.

Ushers, Tour Guides, and More

Over 400 volunteers provide service-related support each season.  Volunteer Ushers participate in “front of house” duties at Severance Hall for Orchestra concerts and many other activities.  Tour Guides lead tours of Severance Hall, and Store Volunteers help staff the Cleveland Orchestra Store at Severance Hall and Blossom Music Center. 

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Chorus Singers

Nearly 300 vocalists volunteer their time and talents in the performing groups that support the Orchestra each year.  Membership is by audition.  The Cleveland Orchestra Chorus is one of the few professionally trained, all-volunteer choruses sponsored by a major American orchestra.  Rehearsing weekly throughout the winter season, the Chorus performs choral works with the Orchestra and participates in the Orchestra’s annual Christmas concerts.  The Blossom Festival Chorus is comprised of singers from throughout northeastern Ohio, including mem­bers of the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus, and performs each summer with the Orchestra at Blossom Festival concerts.  Most summer weeks include two or more rehearsals. 

For further information about auditioning, click here.

And more . . .

In addition to the groups mentioned on above, trustees and other community members support the Orchestra as Fundraising Volunteers for annual operating and endowment gifts from individuals, foundations, and corporations.

We also have an active group of Student Ambassadors as part of our Student Advantage program.  To learn more, click here.

To learn about potential volunteer internship opportunities, click here.

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